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Introducing the new wave of exercise on the

water with Turtle Water Mats. Whether gym, club, resort,

university, rehab, or home setting these highly durable and

versatile mats are inflated and ready to float in minutes. The compact

easy to roll up floating mat design, over the shoulder FIT tote and FIT pump

makes for easy storage and transportability. Our Aqua Flow Fit classes have tested

and approved the simple and stabilizing hook systems which is specifically designed for longevity in the water with safety as our number one priority. Turtle Water Mats are made from high grade PVC fabric and topped with a non­slip EVA pad which supports the feet, hands, and even your head when practicing your most challenging headstand on the water! The Aqua Flow FIT classes have been taught to all levels of yoga and fitness and allows accessibility to all, including kids who absolutely love jumping like a frog from mat to mat. Your pool experience will never be the same after stepping onto the Turtle Water Mat!

Turtle Yoga Mats
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