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Born in Venezuela, she was part of her parent’s dance schools/company since she can remember.  At the age of 12, her interests transition to music a began to play guitar and cello, she excelled by playing at age 15 with the regional orchestra and  the Venezuelan Youth Orchestra. Years later she graduated with a BA in Music technology and related arts from Oberlin College.  Life started to change, when she started to study Martial Arts.  It taught her the importance of respect and service in her personal and professional life and led her to her yoga teacher training at Yoga on High in 2014.  She holds a First Degree Black Belt, 9th Chien Shuai Chiao Kung- Fu training at OSU under the tutelage of Sifu Mike Grigsby since 2010. A Level II certification on Shaolin Tai- Chi Chuan Yang Style with Sifu Victor Frias Solano since 2014.  She has been actively training in boxing since 2013, and she holds a Tang Soo Do 5th belt. She currently works for the Kinesiology department at OSU as a Boxing for beginners instructor, Shuai Chiao Teacher, Taekwondo teacher and Yoga teacher level I. As Well as Yoga Six Studios teaching, Deep Stretch, Flow Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Bootcamp.


E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance, Certification, Marya Barrios, Certified Yoga Instrustor, Columbus Ohio, Aqua Flow Fit, SUP Yoga, Paddleboard Yoga


Sarah is originally from Northern California and has been teaching fitness and yoga classes in Columbus, OH since 2013. Her first experience with yoga was in her high school gym class at the age of fifteen. She found that, as a swimmer and water polo player, she loved using pranayama to improve her speed and endurance in the water. She moved to San Diego in 2001 to attend CSUSM and earned her degree in Liberal Arts&Education. Soon after giving birth to her beautiful baby girl she and her family migrated to Columbus, Oh.  It was in Columbus that she found life at a slower pace where she could bring more attention to her yoga practice and spend more time with her daughter. 

It was from her passion to sports and the water in an athletic town that she lost over 50lbs through yoga/swimming/running/rowing and weight lifting. After this experience, she was inspired to take her 200RYT & Aqua Yoga Certifications. She had the privilege of studying under Swami Nibhrtananda, the creator of Aqua Kriya Yoga and continued her passion of all things in the water when she received her Stand Up Paddle Yoga & WPA 1 & 2 certifications from Lazy Dog Paddle in Key West, FL. She shares her love in teaching Yoga, Boot Camp, Kids Yoga & SUPYoga classes to all ages by combining her trainings both on land and water. She encourages her students to push themselves into new realms of personal fitness through physical and nutritional coaching. Sarah believes that no matter what age a person comes to yoga, there is something for everyone. Whether physical, mental, or spiritual — yoga and meditation will speak to each human being on a different level and promote a higher level of consciousness to allow light to shine through each and every heart & smile.

In the summer of 2016, Sarah launched Aqua Flow Fit which is a program designed to bring fitness and yoga both on and in the water. The aquatic classes she teaches include: Sculpt Flow Yoga & Slow Float on floating yoga mats in local pools, which are a wonderful and warm complement to Stand Up Paddle Yoga during the winter months. These classes are currently conducted indoors at Aquatic Adventures in Hilliard, OH. In addition to these wonderful offerings, she teaches Aqua Flow Yoga which submerges the whole body in the water to experience posture and alignment on a whole new level. This program is designed for people of all ages and sizes to connect to that which is closest to the human body-WATER. In the summer 2018 Sarah will continue to offer SUPyoga and SUP
​Fit classes which will be held on the open waters of the greater Columbus, OH region.

Aqua Yoga classes held weekly at Aquatic Adventures & Privately at Columbus Country Club, New Albany Country Club. She also teaches private classes at  Senior Centers, Independent Assisted Living Homes-specializing in Senior Aquatic Exercise, Gentle Chair Yoga. Stand Up Paddle Yoga is held in the Scioto River and various special hidden gems in and around Ohio.


Levels 1 & 2

E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance, Certification, Sarah Sutton, Certified Yoga Instrustor, Columbus Ohio, Aqua Flow Fit, SUP Yoga, Paddleboard Yoga
WPA, World Paddle Association, Certification, Levels 1 and 2, Sarah Sutton, Certified Yoga Instrustor, Columbus Ohio, Aqua Flow Fit, SUP Yoga, Paddleboard Yoga
YACEP Yoga Alliance, YACEP Yoga Alliance Certification, Sarah Sutton, Certified Yoga Instrustor, Columbus Ohio, Aqua Flow Fit, SUP Yoga, Paddleboard Yoga
Sarah Sutton
Marya Barrios


Prior to falling madly, crazily in love with yoga, Kati was a stressed-out mom of a toddler and twin baby girls. She didn't like herself very much, and she lacked self-confidence. She felt like she had a purpose in this life she wasn't fulfilling. The first time she ever stepped on her mat was magical and she'll never forget that first class that started her amazing yoga journey.

This practice has taught her so many things about herself and how she wants to live her life. She learned to turn inward so she could explore areas of her life that serve her and those that don't. She has learned she matters to the universe and that fear and self-doubt don't allow her to give to others.

Teaching and sharing yoga the past 4 years has been such a joy and a great honor for Kati. She is grateful every day she can share her passion, and she commits herself to always explore and deepen her knowledge so she can share that with her students.

In May 2017, Kati will complete SUP Yoga teacher training as well as earn her World Paddle Association Level 1 and Paddle Fit certifications. She has always been a wannabe California girl. Kati loves the water and being outside appreciating all the beauty of the world. Practicing on the water is one of her favorite things ever. Letting the water and her board support her without the distraction of mirrors, music, and expectations is an amazing experience. And Savasana on the water? Amazing! But the best part is Columbus is a hidden gem with lots of great places to paddle and practice on the Turtle Mats and she can't wait to share this with all of you!

When Kati's not pretending to be a surfer girl or on her yoga mat she teaches indoor cycling at Cycle614. She also teaches yoga to her friends at Art Outside the Lines, an art studio for adults with disabilities. She loves to travel, is obsessed with making playlists and eating guacamole, loves being with her friends, and her family is her greatest joy and love.


E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance, Certification, Marya Barrios, Certified Yoga Instrustor, Columbus Ohio, Aqua Flow Fit, SUP Yoga, Paddleboard Yoga
Kati Potts
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