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Aqua Flo Yoga
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Do you love the water?

Is yoga one of your preferred fitness methods?

 Aqua Flow Fit has the solutions for you! Whether you are eighteen or eighty, Aqua Flow Fit offers a variety of innovative Aquatic Fitness products that are appropriate for everyone of all ages.


Work-out your core like you never have before. Our products give you the ability to do what you are used to doing on land, in the water.


Find your flow today by immersing yourself in water with our innovative product offerings. You will be using muscles that you would never use normally!


Why would you continue doing the same exercises on dry land, when you could achieve much better results in the water?


Have you heard of Turtle Mats? When you are on the Turtle Mat, all of your stabilizing muscles will be working with you to help you stay balanced. So, if you’re counting, you will be targeting the same areas that most Yoga exercises target with the added benefit of incorporating your stabilizing muscles. Aqua Flow Fit guarantees that you will not find any other products quite like the offerings we have. 

Check out all that we have to offer.


 Aqua Flow Yoga focuses on slow flowing movement to breathe with little to no weight on the joints.  Aqua Flow Yoga improves balance, strengthens and lengthens tight muscles, tones internal organs, builds a strong core and pelvic floor muscles.  Burn twice as many calories than land yoga and it is especially beneficial to those in post-surgery, physical therapy, cancer and stroke survivors, prenatal, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis and osteoporosis, wheelchair-bound,  and anyone who wants a fun low impact workout.

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Sculpt Flo

This fun fusion yoga/boot camp incorporates burpees, squats & lunges with a concentration on core strength, muscle building, arm balances, & headstands suitable for all levels.

Slow Float
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The primary focus of Slow Float is on breath to movement connection ending with a deep release of tight muscles including shoulders, hips, hamstrings, & neck. Suitable for all levels.

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