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What should I wear to a SUP Yoga or Turtle Mat class?


You might get wet and you might not. It’s best to wear clothes that dry quickly and are easy to move in. You can wear a swimsuit, board shorts, or your regular heated Powerful Flow yoga clothes.  Also be sure to wear sunscreen!


What do I need to bring to a SUP Yoga class?


  • a beach towel

  • sunglasses (with a strap in case you fall in)

  • sun block

  • plenty of water

  • a dry pair of clothes to change into (optional)

  • a waterproof camera (optional)

  • something to eat (in case you want to hang out at the river/reservoir afterwards)


If I've never paddled before, can I still come to a SUP Yoga class?


Our classes are all levels and each class begins with basic paddle instruction. You’ll have plenty of time on the water to get familiar with your board before your yoga practice begins. We also offer intermediate classes for experienced paddlers/yogis.


What happens if it rains during a SUP Yoga class?


We pay close attention to the weather and will cancel class if lightning is present. Otherwise, practicing in the rain can be a very fun, empowering experience. Part of what makes AFF SUPYoga unique is the opportunity to practice yoga in the elements.


What kind of paddle boards are used for AFF SUP Yoga?


AFF SUPYoga will provide you with the best yoga-specific paddleboards in the industry. Each board is built with stability in mind, and the large non-slip deck pad mimics your mat on the water.  

Where can I find the photos taken during my SUP Yoga class?


At AquaFlowFit we are passionate about sharing SUPyoga with the world. We post photos from each class on our AquaFlowFit Facebook page, where you can share them with your own friends. Like us on Facebook to learn more about the Columbus paddleboarding community.


I have more questions about SUP Yoga!


We would love to answer them. Email the AFFYoga team at


What does my membership include?


Becoming an auto-renew member at AFF has many benefits. You’ll get unlimited yoga each month, with a 10% discount on workshops and other special programs. In return, we ask for a commitment of three months as an auto-renew member. Your account will be charged monthly (not in one lump sum).


How do I cancel my membership?


After the first three months, we request a 30-day notice in writing in the event you want to cancel your account. You can request cancellation by emailing


Do I need to be able to swim to take a SUP Yoga class?


Yes, being able to swim is a pre-requisite to any SUPYoga class, for your own safety.

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